NSFR- Not Safe For Reading?

During our Tapatan (an open forum held every academic year with where students and school administrators, school deans, and department heads are gathered to share  and exchange thoughts about school improvement and like issues), a student was asking when he could borrow a book(the title I forgot) that talks about religion and life since it […]

She’s not mad, she just wants you to care a little more.

Cellphones get their batteries low, laptops, tablets. Almost every gadget I know gets their batteries down and sometimes when overused it just turns dead, plain black screen and useless. That is the way of their saying they’re pretty tired, that they are at their edge. But for a human being like me? Like you? How […]

Dark Circles.

Sleepless nights Juggling time Whooshing sound of deadlines High expectations Drama Not enough coffee Fear of not finishing anything Missing someone Misunderstandings High end pressure Headache Sudden gain of weight Too much perspiration Fatigue Inadequate Sleep Hygiene Difficulty of getting up from bed Pointless crying at night Increase in appetite Craving of sweet food Rejecting […]