She’s not mad, she just wants you to care a little more.

Cellphones get their batteries low, laptops, tablets. Almost every gadget I know gets their batteries down and sometimes when overused it just turns dead, plain black screen and useless. That is the way of their saying they’re pretty tired, that they are at their edge. But for a human being like me? Like you? How […]

Please don’t expect everyone to be always kind.

Please don’t expect everyone to be always kind and loving. Sometimes they’ll be cold, thoughtless and hard to understand. Remember, it’s not all laugh and smiles all the time. Life also has its downside. Once in a while we experience passing on through the rocky side of the road, we all go through tough times […]

Promises, promises.

Don’t make promises when you’re happy. Don’t make them when you’re not so sure about it because the person you’ve given the promise is waiting and hoping. Even simple or vague promises linger to the mind and keeps the heart waiting. It’s easy to make a promise but it’s hard to commit with it. Once […]