Please don’t expect everyone to be always kind.

Please don’t expect everyone to be always kind and loving. Sometimes they’ll be cold, thoughtless and hard to understand. Remember, it’s not all laugh and smiles all the time. Life also has its downside. Once in a while we experience passing on through the rocky side of the road, we all go through tough times that sometimes affects our attitude. We become inconsiderate to others, irritable at the most little things. Even a simple mistake drives the tumult of hell in us.

Before you presume that they’ve changed, try to understand them first. Have you ever thought of what they may be worrying about? Or what is causing them distress? Instead of minding you’re hurt feelings because you were treated coldly, understand them first. Sometimes all they need is someone to cry on, someone who will endlessly listen to their heart’s wail.

When someone’s going through a storm, your silent presence is more powerful than a million empty words. -Thema Davis

People try their hardest to hide their problems and rather show a happy countenance but when things really get tough,  it comes to a point that fake smiles and pretentious laughs becomes too expensive for a show.  People get tired of acting, of pretending they’re okay. We were born slaves of our feelings and emotions, it’s up to us if we let it kill us or we kill it.

But no worries, everything will be alright again. This is just a chapter of one’s life, it’s normal to feel down as normal as feeling high. This too shall pass.


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