How I wish this photo is true, but thanks to Photoshop it made it seem real. Me and you free from worries and stress, holding hands and sharing joyous moments.

Makes me think now, what if you came to my life a more earlier? What if you were my childhood playmate? Will we still end up together? I will never know what might have been if you came up a little earlier. We could have treated each other as siblings if ever and I quite don’t like that idea. It just opens the possibility that we might end as just best of friends for life. That would still be great but… I don’t know. The fact that we’ve become together like this hurts me to think or even imagine that you’ll just end up as my friend. Though we’re together now that could be possible, nothing is definite in life. We never know what might come, we’re both young, full of dreams, fragile, anything could happen in a moment and turn our lives into a full 180 degree.

I don’t know what life has to offer us but everything happened perfectly. You came into my life at the right time. And at first glance, I really never had the slightest inkling that you would become so special to me, that you will be a big part of my life. That someday you will be this person that will make flowers grow in the darkest of my days, the person that will turn my world into technicolor, that one person that I have a million feelings to, that one person I can’t stay mad for a long time, that one person who’s always the first and last thought in my mind each day, that one person that I want to get old with.

Thank you for just coming at the right moment. Life is really mysterious, you never really know what it has for you til you unveil it. R, you are one of life’s gift to me and I will treasure and love you forever.


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