Floating in the blank universe

I’m pertaining to my bed.

I don’t know how my body does it but I can lay down on my bed for a whole day without feeling awkward with it, I guess we’ve really become so close I feel like never leaving him. But sometimes I hate myself when I do this. How can I let a day pass doing nothing laying motionless in my bed. I know it’s a huge waste of time and just imagining the time I let slipped away makes me more regretful. Silly, maybe my perception on how I spend my days just depends on my mood. 

Mmm. So how many days has it been since I’ve published my last post? I know I owe you the continuation about my last blog post but I just don’t know how to start. I think my mind is perpetually suspended in a blank limbo. Oh no please, I still have my thesis to work on. Maybe I’m just lacking some inspiration, mmm maybe food will do, or NOT.

Oh by the way it’s my 7,140th day in this universe. Hurray! I know I should be doing something great instead of imitating a lifeless body. I’m feeling sleepy but I don’t want to sleep yet I just want to write something, but I don’t know what exactly it is. But to tell you, there’s a lot of things going on in my mind. I just wish I could write it all down. I really need to, you get that feeling when you want to write but you can’t think of any? It’s so frustrating. Err.


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