Center of universe

I can die for you but I can’t live for you.

Don’t feel jealous when you see him having fun with his friends. Don’t think he’s not giving you enough time just because he’s doing his hobby. Don’t expect him to be there, all eyes on you, all his attention focused on you. He loves you, yes that is true and you love him too, right? But love is not a selfish thing. He might have told you that you are his life, his everything but the inconvenient truth is his world will not revolve around you, at all times. He has his own things to attend too, he has his own dreams and passion to fulfill too. Don’t think he’s loving you less when he pursues other things. It’s just that it can not be always you 24/7 12/365 that’s on his mind. He needs to grow too. He has life too. He has to live it, live it for himself and just for you. Don’t feel jealous over the things he does before you, never think that he prioritizes it better than you. That is way too immature. Am I making sense? 

This is just a reminder for everyone who feels this, to those who get jealous over pointless things easily. Why instead of sulking and feeling jealous, why don”t you take time introspect on yourself. You need to grow as well. You need to mature. When you fall in love, it doesn’t mean that you stop what you’re doing, that you forget your dreams and make him/her your center of universe. That’s not healthy, it’s one big way of self destruction. 

Falling in love is one of the most wonderful and magical feeling in the world but when misunderstood it might turn into a nightmare. 




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