Procrastination at its finest.

Oh. I don’t know what’s happening to me. I’m becoming lazy. (Oh. Not now please.) Christmas vacation has just ended but I still feel the hangover. I think it has already sunken itself in my body. There are a lot of things that I must be doing but I tend to forget and run away from them. I know they’ll never go away unless I put an act on them. I need to convince and force myself to start moving as in move, literally. I can’t tolerate this attitude especially now that I’m in my junior year. My capstone project (thesis) and on-the-job training (OJT) is coming up and by now I should be working it out.

I know I’m kind of distracted and out of focus that’s why lately I’ve been acting so irresponsible and carefree of things which is very unnatural of me. I’m afraid of the aftermath if I’ll let myself continue this unproductive habit of mine. Oh. I miss my old self. I should put an end to this. I must get up from bed now and beat procrastination.


I’ll tell you if I succeed.


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