Oh. Even More Busier Days.

Been so very busy lately. I lost time to post here. 

As usual, I’m consumed with school works + extra curricular works. Hoho. I’ve never been so busy like this now that it’s my first time to be associated with extra curricular activities particularly school organization.

Being busy like (hell) gives me mixed feelings. Of course there are times that I feel so exhausted, so tired, I feel like time is running out. I feel so sleep deprived. It’s like I’m dragging one foot to move forward. But there’s one thing that I love about it. It’s the rewarding and glorious feeling I get when I’m able to do all the task I’m supposed to do. It’s gives a feeling of self fulfillment no matter how big or small that task is. Suddenly, all the tiredness I feel all goes away. It’s like the feeling I get when I am bale to finish something also works like a stress reliever and at the same time a motivational force. I feel like at the same time, I am more able to grow, to develop my managing and coping skills with different situation and people. My thinking and strategical ways is always being challenged and I like that. It makes me grow. 

Again, I am not complaining about being busy. I love being actively engaged with activities. It’s just that it’s inevitable for us not to get tired. We are human beings not robots. Of course we do feel tired too, even cellphones need recharging. Maybe I just need to manage my time more efficiently so I can save myself from sleepless nights. But so far, I love what I’m doing. The momentarily feeling of tiredness is nothing compared to the feeling of self fulfillment.  


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