A person’s braveness is not measured in his words.

When issues and conflicts arise, people are more prone to get into fights or arguments. Of course it’s normal for us to defend and speak ourselves. Our ego’s won’t allow us to just stay quiet and let the other one do all the talking and reasoning. This is because our ego shouts within us telling us that if we’ll stay silent and resilient, we’ll look weak, like a cakewalk on others’ eyes. We wouldn’t want that of course. 

But there are times that a person’s braveness can’t be measured in words. It can’t be measured on how loud you talk. On how sharp-tongued you are. Sometimes there are instances that after you’ve laid down all your points and proposition and still the other person doesn’t compromise, I think all what’s left to do is just to keep calm, just listen. Let them do all the talking, sooner or later, while they are in the midst of their anger or whatever feeling that is dominating them, they will realize they’re own fault. Just don’t let your emotions exceed you. Don’t let your heard go over your mind. Think before you speak. In the end, a person who speaks mindlessly will always feel embarrassed with his own words. 

It doesn’t mean that just because you didn’t take the time to argue with someone and speak out all your feelings proportionately means that you are a coward. If you’ll reflect on the situation deeply, it only shows that you’re just mature enough and restrained to avoid yourself from doing stupid things. It is more important for you to find a solution for the problem instead of your ego. You are not after for your own glory of seeing the other person baffled in their thoughts thus what’s more important for you is to fix the wrinkle between the two of you.

I salute these kind of people.  


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