Always the problem.

Staying up so late then regretting it the next morning.

Always finding it hard to fall asleep then ending up wide shot awake-this has always been my problem. I’m really not yet sleepy. I can’t sleep or rather I can’t sleep because I’m still busy surfing the net. Oh. Even if i tried to lay down and close my eyes, my head just won’t stop functioning. I am still fully aware and conscious of everything. I had tried a lot of ways to lull myself to sleep-counting sheep, thinking of schoolwork, mentally solving math problems I had also tried imagining a dream I want to have but most of the time I get a perfectly blank dream. I wonder what’s wrong with my body clock? Makes me think I have insomnia. I’ll consult Google some other time and for now, I’ll be hitting up the bed and will try to think and do a creative new way to bring myself to sleep.


It’s 1:16 on my clock and I have to wake up by 4:45. School tomorrow. Goodnight. 


I think I am kind of sleep deprived since 1993. 


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