You’ll never know until you try.

We always say and think that something’s hard or difficult before we actually give it a try. It’s human nature I guess. I’m not quite sure where we get this view or assumption on the things that we would like to do or try. But I’m certain that this is one of the biggest reason why we stop trying new things. This kind of thinking discourages us within. I know it’s hard to eliminate negative thoughts and hesitations on things. Maybe we are afraid to risk, to fail, to change and so on. I know there things that stops us and maybe it varies from our own different reasons and personal belief but let us be aware that this is an unhealthy kind of perception about the beautiful things and opportunities around us. 

It’s scary to risk something very important to you when you have no assurance or definite answer of the aftermath. Just the idea of failing is discouraging enough to stop you from pursuing what you want, but in the first place, remember that nobody is perfect. Everyone commits mistake. Each of us at some point in our life will feel lost, tired and hopeless because of our misfortunes and failure. I believe it’s really a part of human shaping and development, after all its main essence is we should learn from it and not dwell on it. I hope our human imperfections don’t stop us from pursuing our dreams. Let not this human foibles overcome our unique ingenuity and skills. So come on, get out from your shell. Brush away the fears and doubts. After all you’ll never know until you try. There is always this big difference between trying and not trying. 


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