Late Night Post

Four days left until 2nd term starts. Oh. 

The days have been swift I didn’t see the semester’s break is almost over. Four days left and then I’m back to reality. I don’t feel dreadful for going back to school, in fact my anticipation’s high and I’m excited and motivated to start a fresh semester. 

I’m getting all of this motivation and enthusiasm, from the pay offs I got from working hard last semester. I’m just so thankful and happy to share that I qualified for the dean’s list. That’s all.

Quite simple for others but for me it’s a very fulfilling moment. I know they say that grades doesn’t tell all about a student’s ability and so all but still for me it’s enough to be awarded with this honor especially if you know in yourself you’ve given all you can, all your effort, understanding, dedication and everything. It feels good to reap what you sow, right? 

That’s it. That is the reason behind my overflowing happiness and motivation. Oh I hope you don’t arrive to the idea that I’m boasting it. I’m just so thankful for it. I hope I’ll get to continue this long streak of fulfillment till I graduated. I consider it a gift to myself, to my parents who work hard to send me to a good school, and most especially to God for giving me the opportunity to study. 


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