Busy days ahead!

It’s the middle of our 1st term and things are starting to get more loaded. There’s a lot to be done! School works, projects, and homework are coming in non stop. Sometimes it makes me feel crazy. I don’t know which to do first. Sometimes just thinking of it makes me feel tired. I wish I can stretch time or do them all at the same time so I can finish them all at once. 

Busy indeed! But I’m not complaining about it (I’m just stressing it out). Look at the bright side, it’s better to be busy and learning rather than being indolent and just wasting time doing nonsense things. It’s okay to complain sometimes, we all get tired but let us be grateful that we are able to study, that our parents can send us to good schools. Think of this, not everybody can go to school others are very much willing to attend school but don’t have enough money. I’m not telling you to feel blessed by looking on other people’s misfortune but come to think of it. We are provided with a good school, with complete learning materials so let us make the best use out of it. Don’t take it for granted be thankful for it instead. 

Going back to being tired, well we do all get tired, that’s innate, but when we love doing something being tired is not a hindrance. We may get tired (feel like a human jelly or you feel like sleeping all day) but this will not stop us from doing the things we love. It’s okay to have a break don’t force yourself but never let your complains over rule you about doing things. Never say something is difficult until you’ve tried it. Don’t you love that glorious moment when all the effort you’ve exerted has finally payoff? When little by little you see that the things you’re doing are beginning to bear fruit?

So never stop doing what you love! Never settle down self improvement. 


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