People today…

I wish people can see their own flaws and mistakes as clear as how they see others’. Nobody’s perfect, that’s true and it applies to everyone. Nobody is exempted from committing mistakes, we all have our bad side, our shortcomings, undesirable attitude- part of life. I think we are designed to live with it. So in the end of the day, we’ll want ourselves to rectify and learn from our it and find motivation from it to change or improve ourselves and maybe learn a way of living with others. 

I adore people who are not afraid to admit their mistakes, those who are brave to accept criticisms, those who are open minded to reflect their life with others’. Sadly not everyone are like them. I know it’s hard to be one! It’s painful to hear criticisms from others but instead of taking them negatively, take it the positive way and learn from it. Look at the bright side of knowing you’re flaws, now you won’t be clueless about yourself, you’ll know where to begin in improving yourself. I just wish that every time a person judges the other’s, he/she first puts himself/herself on that other person’s shoe. Or at least they don’t mind looking at their own flaws first before devouring on other’s weakness. 


Oh people today, they’re breaking my heart. 


5 thoughts on “People today…

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