The Adventure Time

The Adventure Time

Been so absorbed by school works lately, I almost forgot giving myself a break. And finally, yesterday we were able to finished and submit our projects on time! Oh that priceless moment when all the hard work you’ve done finally pay off.

And at last, I deserve myself a break! So lately, I’m all caught up with Adventure Time. I really liked this cartoon, it’s light, funny and it also has moral lessons. I’ve already finished watching Season 1. For me, watching cartoons, relieves stress, it’s like cartoons is not only intended for kids’ entertainment. It does well to teens and adults to, at least in some point of your life you’ll miss being a kid again.

The picture above is Gunter and Jake. I love Jake, I wish he is my dog. Gunter is so adorable! I don’t think he’s a villain maybe he’s just designed to follow Ice King.

Gunter is so cute. <3


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