Some people are like clouds, when they’re away the day is brighter.

I like it better this way. Now that you’re away, I can do everything in my own will. I can act without being controlled and pressured. At first blush, I never had a clue that you can do such harm like this. I thought you were our friend, oh maybe you’ve really became our friend, a friend in need, indeed. I was foolish for not to noticing your treacherous tricks and for believing to your sweet coated lies. 

But looking on the bright side, at least I’m free, (we are free) from all your bull crap. I’ve had enough and thank you for making me realize that  befriending you was a mistake. Plus, I also learned a lesson for myself, next time, I’ll be more careful in choosing my friends. I hope you also learn a lesson for yourself. I just wish you’ll find time to look and contemplate with yourself. I know you can still change. 

In the life, some friendship are worth keeping until the rest of your life, while others just happen to be to give you a lesson. 


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