1. Who was the last person you texted?

Who was the last person you texted?


My best friend. 


We’ve been friends for almost 10 years, since our 3rd grade days, I guess.

When I first saw him I thought he’s a quiet serious person but I guess I was wrong- he’s a complete opposite of that presumption of mine, only did I know when we became friends. To be honest, I can’t completely recall how our friendship started. We didn’t instantly become close at first sight. All I can remember is every after class while waiting to be fetched from school; we always have this little chit chat about anything. I don’t know who even started the conversation but one thing I am sure of is that it is fun talking with him and I think that marked the beginning of our friendship. Sometimes during weekends, he calls me and we’ll talk about our homework, or will talk how we both dislike this teacher of ours, anything in general. Other times, I make the call. I enjoy talking with him. He’s talkative but in a way that he makes sense perhaps he’s humorous aside that he’s intelligent(he’s good in Math which I hate the most). We enjoy talking even about nonsensical things as long as it appeals funny to us. And our friendship continued…


Destiny’s good we entered the same high school and I think it’s beyond luck that we became classmates in our freshman year and luckily we made it through our senior year. We shared the same circle of friends. Undeniably, we have the same taste in choosing our friends. Although we’ve met new friends, our closeness never faded rather it became more tight and stronger. Although we have a number of friends, I consider him as my best friend. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have different treatment among our friends; it’s just that I trust him more than anyone. I can tell everything to him without worrying that my secret might spill. I can seek console from him knowing he’d be honest regardless of how I’d feel about it afterwards. And he’s also the same to me; we’re like siblings though we’re not really blood related. We rarely have fights though they say that misunderstandings or conflicts strengthens a relationship but still I can say we are as stronger as any other friendship that has experienced a number of fights.


Now we’re on our college years, we’re not going in the same school anymore since I’m in an exclusive school for girls, but still our communication remains. We hang out during summer vacations along with our friends. When there’s school, we keep up with each other by texting each other, have a conversation about how’s life going for us, how’s school, talk about our old and new friends, and still talk about funny things. It’s nice that I can talk about serious and funny things with him at the same time.


Looking back, it feels good to realize that in the long streaks of my life, I’ve shared a wonderful friendship with him. It feels good that despite our busy college life, he doesn’t forget and still finds time to talk with me. He’s still the same old friend I met when I was still in my 3rd grade; he still shares his secret to me, ask for my advice, and he’s still good in in annoying me as well. I was touched when he told me that though he met new friends, he still considers me his best friend. I was touched and overwhelmed. Our friendship has really gone stronger since the first day we had our little chit chat- years had passed and as time goes on, our friendship strengthens more. I’m really thankful to God for giving me a friend like him whom I can call- My best friend.




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