Oh! I’m back!

Feeling sorry because I wasn’t able to update my blog. Well, school has already began. It’s been a month since then. I wasn’t  really busy after all. I just decided to minimize my use of the Internet ‘coz it really absorbs my time so swiftly that I lose track of the things that I should do. I decided to dedicate no a ”no tech day” for me. 

School’s doing good! So far I’m not that too busy of my workload but the projects are starting to arise again. Thankfully it was given to us by group at least I don’t have to worry about it so much because I know I have my group mates to help me. Our projects is to make time lapse video about anything it depends in our concept. Our group decided to showcase scenes of the surroundings like the nature and the city. There is no limit in what we things we like to show in our video provided that the clips or scenes should match or complement each other. As of now, we have to construct our storyboard- this will serve as the script like in movies or in simpler terms the flow of the story then after that we have to choose a suitable music that will cover the whole video.

Sounds like a cakewalk but actually it’s not. It takes one to have a creative imagination and of course the skills to record, edit and create videos so one can produce beautiful and cinematic videos. One must also consider a good camera preferably a DSLR though not everyone can afford it but I believe that the kind and imaging capability of a camera really affects the project. I, myself doesn’t have a DSLR but I’d really love to have one and learn how to optimize it’s feature. I like to learn the basics of photography. I’d love to learn how to capture beautiful images manually. I wish my mom would buy me one. 

Have you seen those pictures of people posing in front of the mirror with their DSLR? I bet you did, it’s rampant especially in social networking sites like Facebook. Sometimes I get irritated when I see pictures of this same sort. Oh I’m not jealous just because they have an expensive and an awesome camera, it’s just that I wish they have used it in a more productive way. Oh if they just know what a DSLR can offer them other than giving them high res display pictures. Only if I was them.

So there there! I’ll post again soon! Goodnight everyone! :) 


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