Book Review: 11 Minutes (Once Minutos)

I have read several works of Paulo Coelho like The Alchemist and Veronika Decides to Die. The books he had written are all meaningful, indeed, full of wisdom. When I read his books I can’t help but to pause and be absorbed by his words and wisdom. He is very good in imbuing life lessons in his stories whether it talks about real and non real situations. He’s just so good at it. Well, I think because he really writes from his heart, so then writing books has become natural for him. He showers knowledge and wisdom about life in a way that anyone could easily grasp and relate it to their own life. So if you’re thinking of venturing to read his books, I say go on and take your time. Let his words open your mind and inspire you. 

Well, about this book, Eleven Minutes, he had mentioned(from the beginning of the book) that this one will probably be different from his early writings mainly because of it’s topic. This book is about Maria, a young girl from Brasil, who had gone into a lot of love conquest at a young age in search of his Prince Charming(as she refers to him) but was left heartbroken because of her innocence. Because of this she promised to herself not to love again to save herself from further heartaches and from then on focused herself on finding fame and popularity. And so she ventures to Switzerland and there she found what she called adventure, she became a prostitute. Well, at first she didn’t like it, but she couldn’t think of any other way to earn money. Eventually she got used to it since it only takes 11 Minutes of her time to give herself to others. Since she has no friends of her own, she kept a diary with her and there she poured all the love she is keeping and hiding away from the world. Not until long, she was able to save enough money and decided that she would go back to Brasil, buy her parents a farm and stay with them for good. But then, one fateful day she met a man, in the name of Ralf Hart, a well educated man and painter. In him, she found love, love that is different from her failed relationships from the past. In him, she felt her existence, her purpose, she felt that she wasn’t being used(like her clients used to make her feel), that she wasn’t being taken for granted. Ralf disregarded the fact that Maria was a prostitute, he believes she is capable of falling in love, and of loving no matter what she does for living. At first, she was afraid to admit that she has fallen in love with him. But their meetings became more frequent, they shared unforgettable moments, and together they relinquished each other’s need. In the end, Maria decided to take the risk and threw away the doubts she had in her mind. She and Ralf ventured their way together to the next chapter of their life: being in love with each other and to live happily ever after.



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