Busting out unproductive days.

Well, obviously it’s vacation time. It’s been a month since it began. Still I haven’t done anything productive. Truthfully saying, I’ve promised myself since before vacation arrived that this will be the best vacation of mine among all. Well, probably this will be my last vacation because next summer I’ll be having my on-the-job training. So there, I really wanna make the best out of it.

Honestly, I’ve made plans before on how I’ll be spending my vacation. Told myself that I’d do all the things that I wasn’t able to do during the school days because of my tight schedule, promised myself that I’ll study how to play a new instrument but it seems like my guitar has been left untouched. I also assured that I’m gonna be engaging myself to self studies and tutorial on digital art painting and video making. In fact, I already have the materials and modules needed ready since before the semester ended. Aargh, remembering the things that I should have done before adds more regret in me.

But look at me now, I am such a lazy potato. Hoho. But hey, I really wanna do something worthy! Something sensible! I don’t want to stay hang up with my usual routine: wake up late, eat, do chores, watch TV, text, eat again, surf the net, watch TV again then sleep late and so there the cycle goes on. I really wanna do break it. It happens to be boring sometimes and honestly I feel sorry for myself for spending each day of my vacation that way. Hay. 

I think the problem in me is that I always make way for laziness to overrule me. Whenever I feel like doing something, it’s like there is a conscious voice residing inside my head saying “Oh, you can do it later.” or “It’s more relaxing if you’ll stay longer in your bed.”. Ooops! I’m not putting the blame to that voice, folks! I know it’s me, it’s my own conscious mind; it’s my fault. So to generalize things, I need to stop myself from being a prisoner of laziness and procrastination. I realized that too much procrastination leads to unproductive days. 

The brighter side is that I still have one month left to do and accomplish all the things left undone! First things first! So I’ve decided to start studying video editing and rendering. 

PS. Looking at my old artworks makes me feel like venturing in making a new one. Sounds fit, Aye? I’ll post it here when I’m done with it. 

So there. Wish me luck folks. :) 


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