I over think.

I am the kind of person that over thinks. It’s my undeniable habit. A bad and unhealthy habit, I guess. I always try to make it look vague to others even to the most closest people to me. No, I’m not trying to sound and act cool in front of them. I just don’t feel that it’s necessary to let them know about it. Even I, myself, hates this habit of mine. It’s a real waste of time actually. It’s something that someone must not tolerate because it usually leads to formation of unpleasant presumptions and misconceptions in our minds then it ends up giving us a negative outlook towards a certain matter or worse, in life. 

I’m not saying to over think is bad; there is nothing wrong about it really. One must just observe and maintain balance and moderation in thinking. It’s just that in my case, I really go crazy about things that happens around me though I might look like I don’t give an F about everything, that is the very opposite of my reaction towards things because I do take them very seriously especially when it really bothers me. I might always look unaffected but inside my mind are mixed thoughts swirling in my head, dragging out the hell in me. Over thinking  never did fail to put me into a bad mood. 

I really wanna eradicate this deviating habit of mine; I’m trying and I know someday I won’t catch myself anymore strip down in my bed over thinking bout things. 

I wanna share this quote which I read somewhere in the Internet:

A conscious mind can only hold one thought at a time. Choose a positive thought.

I was inspired by this short quote and made me realize that instead of allowing bad and negative thoughts to nest in my mind let there be positive thoughts instead! :)


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